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Welcome to Deer Haven Park, home to the Majestic Seneca White Deer.

     Located in the heart of the Finger lakes, nestled between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes is the property formerly known as the Seneca Army Depot.

     The Seneca Army Depot (SEAD) was built by the United States Department of Defense in 1941 in response to the beginning of WWII and covered over 10,000 acres of central Seneca County. The base was the US Army's main East Coast munitions storage facility until it was decommissioned in 2000.

     Today, portions of outer fringes of the Depot are home to business and industry, including Five Points State Correctional Facility, the new Seneca County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Facility and Jail, Hillside Children's Center and a few private businesses. The remaining 7,000 acres were purchased on a successful bid to the Seneca County IDA by Deer Haven Park, LLC. in 2016.

     We, at Deer Haven Park, are very excited about the future of the former Depot; with its unique wildlife and rich history. We look forward to bringing positive growth, development and opportunity to the local residents and Seneca County. We are currently in Phase 1 of proactive preservation of the Depot's White Deer Herd and the many levels of our planned development.

     Please check back soon to see our projects and growing progress toward revitalizing an important piece of Seneca County and US Military history!
White Deer & Military History Tours
Deer Haven Park LLC has made it possible to see the Majestic Seneca White Deer in person by taking a tour of Deer Haven Park and part of the former Seneca Army Depot with Seneca White Deer Inc..

Come, experience the Majestic Seneca White Deer in person by taking a ninety minute bus tour of Deer Haven Park. You'll get to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. The White Deer tours also offer some military history of the former Depot, complete with a tour of an actual amunition storage bunker that housed weapons and amunition for our military for nearly 60 years.

Tours run Thursday through Sunday year round. To make your reservation on one of these exciting tours, visit the Seneca White Deer Reservation Page.
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