Located in the Towns of Romulus and Varick, New York
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What about Reeder Creek

     We believe that Reeder creek is a valuable natural resource. We are taking extreme care to not compound the existing situation and are going to look to the DEC for guidance on how to best deal with any potential water quality issues. We are taking all concerns and high nitrate allegations very seriously and will be adhering to any guidelines put forth by the DEC to the best of our ability.

     We believe that given the sheer size of the former Depot and the many contributing variables, it may be very difficult to identify any one source as the complete problem and that any issues that Reeder creek may have are likely caused by many different enterprises. Because of this, any resolution to potential issues is likely going to need to be addressed at a community level and will need the participation of many people in the surrounding areas. By working together, we believe we can move closer to achieve that perfect future and plan to remain committed to doing our part in that endeavor.

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