Beyond the Fence

"Beyond the Fence" is a monthly column in The Finger Lakes Times that is written by freelance author, Dee Calvasina. The column is centered around the property formerly known as the Seneca Army Depot, which has been surrounded by a 24 mile long perimeter fence since 1941. Still fenced off today, Deer Haven Park makes up 3000 acres in the northern portion of the former Depot property. Each month, Dee will uncover and enlighten her readers to the some of the mysteries, history and unique Flora and Fauna... Beyond the Fence.

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About the Author

Dee Calvasina
Dee Calvasina, freelance author

Dee Calvasina is a Finger Lakes native, professional writer, and freelance author whose work has been published in numerous regional, national, and international publications.  Spanning her career, in addition to environmental subject matter, her genres have included alternative medicine, health and fitness, medical, and human interest.  In response to readership following, a booklet of her prose entitled, “Escape” was published, as well as numerous poems and greeting card sentiments.  A columnist for the Finger Lakes Times, her monthly piece entitled, “Beyond the Fence” highlights both the human and wildlife adventures surrounding Deer Haven Park, LLC wherein she shares her passion for the white, whitetail deer in a manner that allows her readers an adventure via the written word. She resides in upstate New York with her husband and two furry canines.