Auto Tours

Tour the Historic Seneca Army Depot
in the comfort of your own vehicle!

No Reservations Required

App Guided Driving Tours
No reservations Needed!

On June 27, 2020, Deer Haven Park began offering App Guided Auto Tours.  The Auto Tours were an alternative to public Bus Tours in response to a Global Pandemic that brought us quarantines and social distancing. These new Auto Tours provided a safer way for guests to Discover Deer Haven Park and all of its magnificent wildlife and rich military history.  (See Dates and Hours below)

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Deer Haven Park will provide you with a GPS tablet that will safely put the Tour-Guide in your vehicle! You'll see illustrations and hear some of the rich history of the former Seneca Army Depot as you follow a pre-determined route through the park. You will be driving in the comfort of your own vehicle on former military and local roads that have not been driven on by the general public in nearly 80 years!

You’ll witness the ammunition storage igloos, gunpowder buildings, and rail-car loading platforms used by the US Army to load and offload bombs and ammunition for use overseas during WWII, the first Gulf War and every military confrontation in between. You will see evidence of civilian farm life prior to 1940, and of course, you will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Majestic Seneca white deer and American Bald Eagles that reside at Deer Haven Park!

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that every visitor will see white deer on the Auto Tour. Here's why...


Why do close times fluctuate so much?

The park officially closes at dark, however since it takes approximately 90 minutes to drive the Auto Tour course, we must close the Visitor Center and access to the park between 90 and 120 minutes before sunset. As the season progresses, sunset times change and so must our closing hours.

We ask Auto Tour guests to arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow time to check in. Gates will close promptly at the close time in order to avoid conflicts with our bus tours which often departs just 10 minutes after the Auto Tours close. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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Every tour begins
and ends at the
Visitor Center at
Deer Haven Park
5479 NY-96A
Romulus, NY 14541



BEWARE of Bad Directions!

When you type Deer Haven Park into your mobile device or GPS unit for directions, you will often be given an "alternate route" through the former Depot. If the route includes "W. Romulus Rd.", "E. Patrol Rd." or "W. Patrol Rd." DON'T TAKE IT! There is NO entrance to Deer Haven Park on NY-96 and NO public route across the former military base.  Because Deer Haven Park is on part of the former Seneca Army Depot, the GPS program thinks you can drive through it. Unfortunately, you can not.

Instead, take one of the other routes. OR Enter Sampson State Park into your device. We are located on NY-96A, (not 96) just 2 miles North of Sampson State Park.



App-Guided Auto Tour where visitors drive their own *passenger vehicle along a predetermined route within Deer Haven Park

*No busses or motorcycles


8 miles, (12.88 km)


Approximately 60 - 90 minutes

Open Times:
(by day)

11:00am Thursday through Saturday
May 25th - October 28th 2023

No Reservations Needed

Please note there will be NO Auto Tours on Saturday 9/30/2023 as we host our annual Fall Festival

Close Times:
(by date)

May 25 - Aug 19 - *6:30pm

Aug 24 - Sep 9 - *5:50pm

Sep 14 - Sep 29 - *5:20pm

Oct 5 - Oct 7 - *4:50pm

Oct 12 - Oct 28 - *4:20pm

*Close time marks the latest time a vehicle may enter the park.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to closing to allow for time to check in.
Guests will NOT be allowed to enter the park after listed close time.
Download 2023 Gate Close Times


Deer Haven Park Visitor Center
5479 NY-96A
Romulus, NY 14541
(Just 2 miles North of Sampson State Park)


- NEW Lower Price for 2023!

*$35 per vehicle (up to 7 guests)

Note: Price includes use of a Guide Tablet.
*Sales tax not included

All proceeds raised will be used to enhance
the wildlife habitat at Deer Haven Park.