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Thank you for a successful 2021 season!

Deer Haven Park's 2021 Regular Tour season has come to a close. We would like to thank everyone who toured the park and made 2021 a successful season! Auto Tours and Majesty & Mystery Bus Tours will be back in the spring of 2022.

But wait! There's still a way to see Deer Haven Park in the off-season. If you would like to tour the former Seneca Army Depot at Deer Haven Park this winter, consider taking a Private Bus Tour. Deer Haven Park also offers Photography Tours by appointment through the off season. Winter tours operate weather and conditions permitting. Deer Haven Park will be closed November 1st through December 9th.

New, Photography Tours!

Grab your camera and take a private tour of the amazing wildlife habitat known as Deer Haven Park! Your personal tour guide will take you on a 3-hour photo tour as you seek out that perfect, one-of-a-kind photo!  LEARN MORE

Photography Tours

Home to the Majestic Seneca White Deer

Deer Haven Park is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Nestled between the two largest of the Finger Lakes, it occupies a place formerly known as the Seneca Army Depot.

Built in 1941, the Seneca Army Depot covered over 10,000 acres of central Seneca County. It was commissioned by the US Department of Defense in response to the beginning of WWII and was originally dubbed the Seneca Ordnance Depot. The Depot was the US Army’s main East Coast munitions storage facility until it was decommissioned in 2000.

Go "Beyond the Fence"

Go Beyond the Fence
"Beyond the Fence" is a monthly column in The Finger Lakes Times that is centered around the property formerly known as the Seneca Army Depot, and now Deer Haven Park. Go "Beyond the Fence" now with freelance author Dee Calvasina!

In 2003, the US Military turned the property back over to the Seneca County IDA. Soon after, the County developed about 3000 acres to include several businesses, government offices & institutions and industry. Later, in 2016 the newly established business entity, Deer Haven Park, LLC purchased the remaining 7,000 acres.

After more than 70 years of locked gates and secrecy, Deer Haven Park offers a glimpse into this mystical place. In addition to the unique and majestic Seneca white deer herd, it holds a mysteriously rich military history.

Join us on a tour and discover the Majesty and Mystery of Deer Haven Park!

After more than a year of Social Distancing, Quarantines and cancellations, the Deer Haven Park Bus Tours are back! Beginning July 15th, Deer Haven Park will be opening our Bus Tours on a limited schedule. Take a bus tour of the Historic Seneca Army Depot and discover the Majesty and Mysteries it holds. You've taken the Auto Tour, now take the Bus Tour, complete with a live tour guide! You will be allowed to step off the bus to explore one of the 519 munition Igloos, walk through a Personal Bomb Shelter, and see the work of Deer Haven Park's resident Beavers! Your Driver and Tour Guide will offer you the best chance to see the American Bald Eagles and the Majestic Seneca White Deer!

Deer Haven Park is Now Open 3 Days a Week!

Deer Haven Park is now open every Thursday-Saturday from 9am until dusk, as we offer the Majesty and Mystery App-Guided driving tour.

This Auto Tour will take the 8 mile journey deep into the former Seneca Army Depot revealing some of the Mysteries of the former munitions storage base and offering a glimpse into the amazing habitat that is home to the world's largest herd of all white, white-tail deer.

Private Bus Tours

Book a Private Tour of Deer Haven Park.
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Our Regular Bus Tours are BACK! JOIN US for an early Thursday evening or Saturday morning tour of the Historic Seneca Army Depot and have your best chance of seeing the Majestic Seneca White Deer! For more information, visit our Bus Tour page.

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