Living in the Wild

white Buck
A white buck stands in the rain, appearing to pose for the photograph
It is important to note that Deer Haven Park is not a zoo, rather all of the wildlife within the park are free to roam the vast wilderness. Since we do not cage any of the animals or creatures that reside here, we can also not guarantee when, where, or even IF you will see a white deer, bald eagle, blue heron, beaver or any of the other residents of the park. Still, an exit poll of Deer Haven Park Auto Tour visitors would suggest that better than half of our visitors will see white deer on their auto tour journey.

If you are looking for an enjoyable, relaxing drive through nature while learning the historic significance of the former US munitions storage facility and a chance to see the Majestic Seneca white deer or an American Bald Eagle, then the Deer Haven Park "Majesty & Mystery Auto Tour" is perfect for you.

If you are looking for a guarantee that you will see white deer in the wild, then you might consider taking a Deer Haven Park Bus Tour, where a tour guide will be there to answer all of your questions as they arise, and the bus is free to deviate form the regular route when the white deer are feeling shy.

Either way one thing is for sure, when you see a Seneca white deer in the wild for the first time, it is a moment you will never forget!