Deer Haven Park teams up with Seneca White Deer to offer white deer tours.

White Deer Tours planned for Fall 2017

Seneca Falls, NY   July 3, 2017 – Deer Haven Park, LLC, has a grand vision for the future. It consists of several facets to be realized in stages, the first of which includes a full-scale, year-round program of bus tours.

Deer Have Park LLC is pleased to announce that we have entered into an operating agreement with Seneca White Deer Inc. to help achieve this goal of making the white deer herd, a Seneca County gem, more accessible to the public.

Seneca White Deer Inc. will organize and operate the white deer bus tours, which are scheduled to begin in October 2017, while Deer Haven Park LLC continues with white deer preservation by repairing damaged fence and improving the nutritional habitat for the deer and other wildlife by planting food crops and selectively mowing grasses.

We will also break ground this summer on a Visitors’ Center on the State Route 96A side of the former Seneca Army Depot. The Visitor Center will be the headquarters for the white deer tours, and the hub for future expansion.

Tours are planned for all four seasons and will include busses, trams and horse-drawn wagons. A starting date has not been established. Check back with for information and details as they develop.