Smoked Chicken BBQ at DHP

Saturday, September 5th at Deer Haven Park

Deer Haven Park will be hosting a Smoked Chicken BBQ this Labor Day Weekend. The event will be held on Saturday, September 5th, and will coincide with the regular Auto Tours at the park.

Bryan Burkholder will be offering Drive-Thru service for take out dinners starting at 10:30am and continuing until the dinners are sold. Dinners will feature Bryan’s Signature Smoked Chicken with all the fixin’s.

  • What: Chicken Bar-B-Q Dinners
    Dinners consist of:
    – A Smoked, whole chicken leg
    – Smoked Mac N Cheese
    – Barbecued Beans
    – Cole Slaw &
    – Dinner Roll
    * Extra-large Chocolate Chip Cookies also available for $1
  • When: Saturday September 5th Time: 10:30am until the food is gone
  • Where: Deer Haven Park Visitor Center 5479 NY-96A Romulus, NY 14541 (Just 2 miles North of Sampson State Park)
  • Price: $12 per plate (Extra-large Cookies are just $1 extra)
Proceeds from the event will support the Majestic Seneca White Deer at Deer Haven Park.


Deer Haven Park is continuously making improvements to the habitat for the deer and other wildlife within the park. Some of these improvements made each year include:

  • Planting of Food – Deer Haven Park plants over 100 acres of food every year for the deer and other wildlife, from corn, beans, clover, and other crops.
  • New Trees – Each spring, we plant 1,000 new trees within the park, from fruit and nut trees to several different apple varieties, and Conifers.
  • Mowing – Continual mowing of the areas along roads and wood lines ensures the deer always have fresh chutes of grass to eat.
  • Maintenance – Routine maintenance such as repairing breaks in the fence and maintaining roads within the park.
  • Invasive Species – If not removed, invasive plant species will overtake the park and choke out the nutritional food-based plants that deer and other wildlife rely on.

Deer Haven Park is a privately-owned organization that does not rely on government grants to survive. We have answered the appeal to “Save the White Deer” and will continue to help the herd grow and thrive.  All the enhancements made to this amazing habitat are funded personally and supplemented through private donations, tour proceeds, and special events such as these.