Future Seneca Army Depot Owner Enhances Food Supply for White Deer

Earl Martin takes first steps to support white deer population

Waterloo, NY, Wednesday, June 29, 2016 – The Seneca County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) today announce future Seneca Army Depot owner Earl Martin’s initial steps to support the Depot’s rare white deer population. Martin last week planted soybeans to enhance the food supply for the deer, and is planning to upgrade the Depot’s security in the coming days.

“We’ve reached a consensus that enhancing the available food supply is one of the best ways to continue supporting the white deer,” said Bob Aronson, Executive Director of the Seneca County IDA. “The United States Army has done a great job managing the Depot’s wildlife, including the white deer, for more than 70 years. We thank the Army for all it has done and will build upon its strong foundation.”

Martin says the soybeans planted at the Depot are non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMOs). They will add to what is currently available for the white deer and no pesticides will be used as they grow. Martin and his team began cultivating the land last Wednesday and have since planted 15 acres of soybeans.

“The last few winters have been very harsh on the white deer population,” Martin said. “We’ve been working with the community to make sure the deer have the resources to not only survive, but to thrive. We’re very fortunate to have the community’s support to help make this happen.”

Martin was recently selected as the winning bidder of the Depot, a former World War II ordnance depot and one of the largest developable properties in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. As part of his winning bid, Martin agreed to protect and revitalize the white deer.

Enhancing the deer’s food supply is not the only measure that Martin is taking at the Depot. Martin is also upgrading the property’s security to address recent vandalism issues, primarily fence-cutting incidents. Security devices around the Depot’s perimeter devices are being upgraded and new ones are being added to reduce the number of incidents.In addition, Martin is working with local law enforcement officials to boost patrols and develop additional security measures.