Future Seneca Army Depot Owner Unveils Deer Haven Park, LLC

New entity developed for white deer preservation and wildlife management

Waterloo, NY, Monday, August 1, 2016 – The Seneca County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) today announced Earl Martin’s plan for the creation of Deer Haven Park, LLC. Martin, the future Seneca Army Depot property owner, developed the new entity under the parent company Seneca Iron Works as a means of preserving the rare white deer herd and other wildlife currently found on the premises. This announcement coincides with the second phase of Martin’s food source program that began in June 2016 with the planting of soybeans to supplement the natural food environment within the property.

“Our vision for Deer Haven Park is to provide all wildlife within the depot property with the sustenance to thrive,” said Martin, owner of Seneca Iron Works. “We’ve been successful with our efforts thus far and we’re confident that with this second phase of our food source program and support from the community, we’ll continue to see success in the form of a healthy ecosystem.”

As a part of the second phase of Martin’s food source program, Deer Haven Park, LLC, is currently in the midst of planting turnips, clover, and various grasses for the white deer and other wildlife. To support the continued planting, a mowing program has been developed to clear areas strategically selected for maximum plant growth and animal accessibility.

Martin is also in the preliminary stages of creating a social media plan for Deer Haven Park, LLC. This new online presence will provide the community with a public forum to engage and share ideas for the development of the former Army depot, while fostering collaboration between the leadership team at Deer Haven Park, LLC, and supporters of the white deer.  

“Throughout all stages of this process, Earl has stressed the importance of public support in helping protect the white deer and has made it clear that he will continue to value community input for his future efforts,” said Bob Aronson, executive director of the Seneca County IDA. “He has pointed out that this is not an overnight process, but one that will take a tremendous amount of dedication and patience. We’re confident that he has both and will remain diligent in reaching his goals.”Deer Haven Park, LLC, is the latest addition to its parent company, Seneca Iron Works. Based in Seneca Falls, N.Y., Seneca Iron Works serves the agricultural, manufacturing and dairy business markets nationwide with affiliations in the dock production industry.