Wagon Tour through the Historic Seneca Army Depot

Explore Deer Haven Park on a Tractor-Drawn Wagon

You have seen the park from the comfort or your vehicle. Now step off the wagon and discover the historic Seneca Army Depot up close and personal. We will guide you through the unique habitat of Deer Haven Park where you will experience its vastness and the beauty of its flora and fauna as we discuss the historic importance of this former military munition storage base.

This Special Event is scheduled for
Sunday, November 1st at 3pm
Space is limited
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We will make several stops along the way, giving you the opportunity to get off the wagon and go inside one of the 122 abandon munition storage igloos in the park, and walk through a real personnel bunker from WWII. You will see the railroad loading platforms that served as the primary means of getting supplies in and out of the Depot, as well as several of the abandoned military storage buildings and the entrance to the high security area known as the “Q”, where nuclear armament were stored.

This wagon tour will be fun for the whole family! And if you have already had a chance to take the popular Deer Haven Park App-Guided Auto Tour, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to actually step outside the vehicle and experience the park first-hand, up close and personal.

Come, explore the historic Seneca Army Depot with us on this special, one-day event and Discover Deer Haven Park!

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