Last Chance for Auto Tours

Saturday, November 14th will mark the end of the 2020 Auto Tour season.

The year began with a world pandemic. As we near the end of 2020 it is proving to be a tumultuous year to the end. But sometimes, good things arise from bad situations. When we were unable to continue the Deer Haven Park bus tours safely amidst the global pandemic, the app-guided Auto Tours were created in order to continue to showcase the historic Seneca Army Depot and the amazing ecosystem within.

The new Auto Tour has seen thousands of satisfied visitors this summer. Now there are just 2 more opportunities to drive your vehicle through the former Seneca Army Depot in 2020, and have a chance to see the Majestic Seneca White Deer and other amazing wildlife at the park.

Don’t miss your chance to drive through Deer Haven Park. Come down this Saturday, November 7th or 14th from 9am – 3:30pm and Discover Deer Haven Park! Entry gates will close at 3:30 PM and the park closes at dark.