Auto Tours Return to Deer Haven Park

The Former Seneca Army Depot Open for Tours Again

With the arrival of spring comes the promise of warmer temperatures, longer days, and a new season of tours at Deer Haven Park!

Deer Haven Park will be offering the Auto Tours again this year. Deer Haven Park will be open for Auto Tours every Saturday in 2021 from April 17th through the end of October. Take the 8-mile journey deep into the former Seneca Army Depot and uncover some of the mysteries of the historic munition storage base.

The Seneca Army Depot played a vital role in every overseas military conflict between WWII and the first Gulf War. You’ll see the original ammunition storage igloos, gunpowder buildings, and railroads used by the US Army. See railcar loading platforms that were used to load and offload bombs and ammunition to support our troops abroad. Observe evidence of civilian farm life prior to 1940, and of course, you will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Majestic Seneca White Deer and American Bald Eagles that reside at Deer Haven Park!


In 2020, Deer Haven Park introduced the Auto Tour as a safer alternative to the popular bus tours during a global pandemic. The new tour’s special introductory price and free downloadable “Tour Guide” app allowed hundreds of people to visit the former military base and its unique wildlife habitat.

The informational Tour Guide app was very well received but was not without its minor hiccups. Slow download times due to spotty cellular service here at the park caused many delays. Additionally, an occasional compatibility issues with a visitor’s device proved frustrating and disappointing at times. Deer Haven Park has been working hard during the off-season to help improve our visitor experience. This year we are providing guests with a pre-loaded Samsung Tablet to guide them along their journey. This tablet will also provide a larger canvas to view illustrations.


Self-Guided Auto Tour along a predetermined route within Deer Haven Park. An included Samsung Tablet will provide the rich history of the Seneca Army Depot and reveal some of the mysteries behind the former Military Base. You’ll also have a chance to see the Majestic Seneca White Deer, American Bald Eagles and other amazing flora and fauna that calls Deer Haven Park their home.

8 miles

Approximately 60 – 90 minutes

Every Saturday, from April 17th through October 30th
9am – Dusk (see website for actual closing times)

All tours begin and end at the Deer Haven Park Visitor Center
             5479 NY-96A
             Romulus, NY 14541
             (Just 2 miles North of Sampson State Park)

$35.00 per person, OR
$50.00 for a carload (no busses or motorcycles, please)

Deer Haven Park is a privately owned organization and does not accept government grants or
assistance. All Tour proceeds help pay for Habitat Improvements and Historical Preservation within the park.

Please Note:
For safety and liability reasons, VISITORS ARE REQUIRED TO REMAIN IN THEIR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON THE AUTO TOUR. Deer Haven Park is not a zoo and we do not cage or otherwise restrict any of the wildlife within the 3,000-acre park. Therefore, we cannot predict where the white deer and other wildlife will be, nor can we guarantee or promise you will see white deer on every visit.


Deer Haven Park looks forward to a time when we can offer public bus tours once again. To that end, we will continue to closely monitor the social distancing and health guidelines as the season progresses. We are hopeful that we will be able to open public bus tours again soon.

We are currently offering Private Bus Tours for anyone wanting to reserve the entire bus for themselves. Private bus tours can accommodate up to 18 friends or family in the same social circle. Like Public Bus Tours, Private Tours offer the ability to get off the bus and see the park up close. Step off the bus to see the inside of an ammunition storage igloo and personnel bunker.  You’ll visit some of the many remaining pre-1941 home and barn foundations, evidence of Seneca County life before the war.